What time does Halloscream start and finish?

Gates to Halloscream open at 5:30pm, and the event officially starts at 6pm, however closing times depend on the date you are attending. Please note you are able to arrive after the opening time.

Thursday, 29th October: 6pm – 10pm
Friday, 30th October: 6pm – 11pm
Saturday, 31st October: 6pm – 11pm
Sunday, 1st November: 6pm – 10pm

Are there any rules for the mazes?

Yes, please read conditions of entering the mazes:


  • This experience is not designed for children under 14 years of age
  • Do not touch anyone or anything inside… Keep your distance.
  • Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • No running. You must walk at all times.
  • You must sanitise your hands prior to entry
  • A mask or face covering is mandatory for entry into all mazes


The actors and props inside will not touch or hurt you, and all actors are in face coverings for your safety. Guests who kick, punch, push, hit, slap, touch or physically interact in any way with the actors, props or any part of the experience whatsoever will immediately be removed from the attraction, and be required to leave the park without refund. There are no exceptions.


This attraction is monitored by CCTV.

Guests who damage any part of the attraction or injure any person as a result of their actions inside Mazes whether deliberate or accidental will be held liable for the damage and/or injury and may be reported to the police.

BE WARNED that all Mazes features horror themes, dark corridors, live actors, startling special effects, loud noises, smoke machines, strobe lighting, theatrical blood and make-up.


Guests subject to the following conditions should not enter the Mazes:

Do I need a special ticket to enter Halloscream?

Halloscream 8 is a special event, and unlike regular Park days, all attendees are required to hold a ticket to enter. Tickets can only be purchased online – no ticket sales are available in the Park. 

Can I buy a ticket at the Park entrance?

No, due to health & safety requirements tickets are sold online only. There are no facilities to sell tickets in the Park. 

What time does Halloscream start?

Halloscream starts at 6pm. Closing hours depend on that day you are coming. 

Do I need to print my Halloscream ticket?

To assist with speedy event entry, we ask that you bring along a printed copy of your Halloscream e-ticket if possible. You will still be able to gain entry by presenting it on your phone, however processing times may lengthen. 

Screen shots and photographs of tickets are not accepted. Please ensure your phone screen is on the brightest settings for scanning. 

Do I need to present my photo ID and purchasing credit card to get into Halloscream?

We advise that you bring along both your ID and the purchasing credit card, as you may be asked to present these at the event entry. Any groups that have purchased tickets together in a single transaction should also aim to enter the event together, with the purchaser, so that the relevant ID can be checked.

Are the attractions wheelchair accessible?

Luna Park Sydney  is a wheelchair accessible venue. Each ride attraction has its own individual  safety and accessibility specification. 

Halloscream is a NSW companion Card accredited event. A ticket can be issued at no charge to valid Companion Card Holders so that a designated carer can attend to assist them during the event. 

 Please call the Box Office on 90337600 during Hours of Operation to secure a ticket0 (subject to capacity). 

Can I use my Annual Pass to get into Halloscream?

No, Halloscream nights are special event Blockout Dates and Annual Passes are unable to be used to gain entry. Annual Pass holders are encouraged to buy tickets online in advance if they wish to attend Halloscream, as we do expect to sell out.

Can I upgrade my Halloscream ticket to an Annual Pass on the night?

As this is a special event, Halloscream Tickets cannot be upgraded to an Annual Pass.

Can I visit on more than one night?

Of course you can! But you will need to purchase a separate ticket for each night you wish to attend.

I have a ticket to Halloscream but I don’t want to go anymore. Can I get refund?

No, all ticket sales are final. Tickets will not be refunded or returned after purchase. You are able to change your tickets for another Halloscream date for a fee. Please contact Box Office on 02 90337600 or email [email protected] during hours of operation for assistance. 

I bought a ticket for Friday night, but I changed my mind and want to come on Saturday. Can I just turn up?

Unfortunately no. Halloscream tickets are sold for a particular date and cannot be swapped. Tickets can be exchanged for a $10 fee plus the difference between ticket prices. Please contact Box Office on 02 90337600 or email [email protected] during hours of operation for assistance. 

I will be taking my children to Halloscream but I don’t want to go on any rides. Do I need to buy a ticket?

Halloscream 8 is a full park event. All guests wishing to enter Halloscream must purchase a ticket.

Are there any age restrictions to enter Halloscream?

While there is no age restrictions, Halloscream 8 is recommended for audiences 14 years of age and over due to scary themes. 

Should you need assistance, please call the Box Office on (02) 9033 7600 during Hours of Operation before making your purchase.  

Can I wear a costume?
  • Of course, costumes are encouraged! Full face masks and full face paint are not permitted. Anyone wearing partial masks, other than surgical masks, or props that cover the face may be required to remove the masks by Luna Park Security for identification and security purposes.
  • Guests who disrupt other Guests’ enjoyment of the Park, mistreat the performers or behave in an inappropriate and/or aggressive manner will be removed from the Park without refund.
  • For security purposes all Guests must be able to be identified, therefore full face masks and full face make-up that disguises a persons facial identity are not permitted.
I’m dressing as an axe murderer and want to bring along a plastic prop, is this ok?

Its best to leave items such as these at home as they may inhibit entry into the event. If you are not sure about aspects of your costume, pleased call the Box Office on 90337600 or email [email protected] for assistance before the event.

Will you have cash out at any of your outlets?

Please note Halloscream is a Cashless Venue. Cash cannot be taken out at our outlets, however all outlets will be equipped with EFTPOS facilities.

Do you have cloaking facilities?

There will not be a cloak room at Halloscream. Due to COVID-19 lockers are also unavailable. 

Will the Luna Park car park be open?

Yes, the Luna Park car park will be operating as normal. Due to the nature of the special event, the car park may reach capacity.

Where are the smoking areas?

The designated smoking area is on Tumblebug slab. Please see the park map for location. 

Can I bring my own food?

No, commercially prepared food is not allowed into Halloscream. No eskys may be brought in. Please note: The picnic area in Lavender Green will be closed.

What do I need to know when it comes to Important Health and Safety information?

We’re committed to keeping you and your loved ones safe, but this does mean we have had to make some changes to the usual Park experience. In line with the latest Government health regulations, Luna Park has taken precautionary measures to managing the spread of COVID-19. Expect enhanced cleaning measures along with specific entry requirements for all staff and Guests.

Hand sanitiser stations will be located throughout the Park and at the start of the mazes. 

Masks are compulsory for the mazes, and will be distributed at the start of the mazes. 

Why do we have to provide details of each person attending?

Contact details for all attending guests is required as part of the health declaration process and for the purpose of contact tracing should this be necessary. To view the health declaration form, click here.

What is a health declaration and why do we have to read it before entering the park?

It is essential that every Guest understands that by entering Luna Park Sydney, you agree that you are well and not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms as outlined in our Health and Safety Declaration Form. Click here to read our Health and Safety Declaration Form.

Can I wear a face mask on all the rides and attractions?

It is not a requirement of entry to Luna Park to wear a face mask. If you choose to wear a face mask, it must be securely attached in order to be worn on rides to prevent it from accidentally falling off as this can create a health and safety risk.

However, masks are compulsory for the mazes. Masks will be ditributed at the entry to the mazes.

Will there be hand sanitiser available?

Yes, there will be hand sanitiser located at the mazes and various locations throughout the Park.