This October the witches will descend on Luna Park to cast their wicked spells. 

New Mazes. New Characters. And a New terror like never before.

22 – 24 OCT & 28 – 31 OCT




Wicked Witches


RIDES all night



Scare Mazes

Can you handle the thrills of our themed scare mazes?

3 bloodthirsty mazes
3 horrific themes
Can you survive them all?

Rain Dead

For some people their skin began to peel and bubble. For others it went straight into their blood stream causing paralysis and animalistic behaviours. Some lost movement. Some couldn’t stop moving. What was undeniable though – the rain was the cause, and we had to find out why!

Outback Slaughterhouse

Walk out the back of the pub and into the main slaughterhouse – a nightmarish world of swinging lights, pig pens, zaps, crackles and gun shots.


Bloodier, scarier, more immersive, DecayMart is resurrected… 365 days after we left DecayMart in 2020, the supermarket stills sits empty.

Or does it?

9 Wicked Witches

This year we have 9 wicked witches wandering around the Park. Each witch has a unique character and story based off mythology from different cultures around the world.

Follow us on social media for more information about the witches and their character profiles.

House of Hex

5 witches form a pentagram coven in House of Hex. Performing on a circular stage with kaleidoscope lighting swirling from above, this show will be chilling and unnerving as they use magic to uncover a dark mystery. Through dance, haunting music, songs and incantations it will leave guests wondering what just happened, and why they feel so odd…

And so much more

Scarem0ny performances


Unlimited Rides All night

Fancy Dress


The event was fantastically run and we throughly enjoyed it. The staff engagement made the whole event fantastic

Halloscream always provides amazing entertainment for all, young or old, big or small! It never disappoints, and it consistently allows for awesome photography opportunities as well!

I had a wicked time! It was a lot of fun getting freaked out in the maze rooms. The themed food and drinks we super cool, especially the cocktails.