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Sydney’s scariest Halloween event is celebrating 10 years of extreme fears., with 3 scare mazes, an immersive Horror Themed Interactive attraction and of course unlimited rides all night



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Scare Mazes

Can you handle the thrills of our themed scare mazes?

3 bloodthirsty mazes
3 horrific themes
Can you survive them all?


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DecayMart: Expiration Date

Returning for its third and final year – your ‘not so average’ supermarket has been overtaken by a group of not so friendly survivors, fighting for their lives! They’ve battled and fought the Decayed and have finally found somewhere to rest – but it comes at a cost… In order to ensure their continued safety, the group have set up a series of booby traps and are using the Decayed to their advantage – to scare YOU away.

Rain Dead

For some people their skin began to peel and bubble. For others it went straight into their blood stream causing paralysis and animalistic behaviours. Some lost movement. Some couldn’t stop moving. What was undeniable though – the rain was the cause, and we had to find out why!

Coney Island Takeover!

For the first time ever, Luna Park Sydney are transforming the iconic Coney Island into a horror themed interactive attraction.

Classic horror villains have been unleashed into Coney Island after decades of being trapped in their film canisters and they are running amok inside! 

Are you brave enough to go behind the screams, behind the silver screen and experience an interactive attraction that puts you in the starring role of your very own horror film? Follow the trail to find your way out…fights, camera, action…

Madame Fortuna

Madame Fortuna, a Circus traveller accompanied by oddities and curiosities returns this Halloscream X. Her life has been plagued with twists and turns of grotesque wonder and monstrosity.

Madame Fortuna holds to ultimate power of seeing into other realms; the past, the future and the deepest, darkest secrets of those who wish these remain buried. But is this talent; a gift or a curse?

And so much more

Scaremony Performances

Devilish Delights

Unlimited Rides All night

Fancy Dress


The event was fantastically run and we throughly enjoyed it. The staff engagement made the whole event fantastic

Halloscream always provides amazing entertainment for all, young or old, big or small! It never disappoints, and it consistently allows for awesome photography opportunities as well!

I had a wicked time! It was a lot of fun getting freaked out in the maze rooms. The themed food and drinks we super cool, especially the cocktails.